Can Chickens Have Sweet Potato Peels? ( Nutrition, Pros & Cons)

The foliage, stems, vine, flowers, peeling, as well as flesh (cooked or raw) of sweet potatoes, on the other side, are completely fine to feed the chickens because they are part of the morning glory family. It’s best to avoid feeding your hens anything moldy, especially sweet potatoes, because of the potential poisoning risk.

Those who regularly get through the sweet potatoes may ask if it’s okay to feed the peels to their chickens rather than composting them.

If you own hens, you know how often they love a piece of food from the dinner table. But it’s on you to monitor their nutrition & make sure it’s comprised entirely of nutritious options.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not chickens can consume sweet potato peels, the health benefits of giving them to the hens, and the best methods for giving them to the hens.

Chickens can benefit from eating sweet potato peels due to their high nutritional value.

It’s easy to forget that chickens have distinct dietary needs, but meeting those needs is crucial if you want healthy, happy chickens that will lay eggs regularly and add to your flock’s overall productivity.

Nutritional Benefits Of Sweet Potato Peels For Chickens

The peeling of the sweet potato is where the majority of its antioxidants as well as other healthy nutrients are found. Chickens get a better nutritional value by feeding them sweet potato peel because of the boost in fiber, antioxidants, and some other nutrient intake that results.

  • Vitamins A &
  • Vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Manganese

You should know that sweet potatoes are absolutely safe to eat because they are from the morning glory perennial herb. In the wrong hands, regular potatoes—like all members of the nightshade family—can be deadly to hens.

Feeding your hens eggplant is one example of a nightshade food that is perfectly safe for them to eat, but in general, the stems & leaves are considered harmful.

Can Chickens Have Sweet Potato Peels

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Feed Chickens Sweet Potato Peels –

Perhaps you have just completed peeling the sweet potatoes and now are confronted by a mountain of peels. Now that you know how good for the hens these peels are, the question is how to get them to eat them.

It’s important to remember that, despite their nutritional value, sweet potato peels should not be used to replace the chickens’ regular feed; instead, you should give them a reduced amount and compost the remainder.

About three to four hens may share the peels through one typical sweet potato; any more than that, and they won’t eat it all. After determining the quantity of sweet potato peel required, several choices present themselves.

The first is to encourage foraging among neighborhood animals by scattering finely chopped sweet potato peels around the yard.

Second, you can add some diced sweet potato peel to a mixture of fruits, veggies, peanuts, and other healthy table leftovers to boost the nutrient content of the mixture.

Remember that the skin of a raw sweet potato may be quite harsh, so you’ll want to either finely cut it or roast it before feeding it to the chickens.

You must have several other questions in your mind. Let’s have a look at these –

Can Chickens have fresh potato peels?

Fresh, unspoiled potato peels, before they turn green, are safe for chickens to consume. If you want to make the peels edible, though, you’ll need to roast them to destroy any toxins they might contain.

Can Chickens have uncooked potato peels?

Pure potato peels that haven’t turned green are safe for chickens to consume. However, you must bake them to remove any toxins from the peels before eating them.

Can Chickens have grapes with seeds?

Chickens can eat everything, including grapes with their seeds intact, so long as they don’t choke or eat too much. Only if grapes were treated with harmful pesticides while they were still developing on the vine or shortly after harvest should they be avoided.

Can Chickens have grape tomatoes?

Absolutely! This nutritious treat is a hit with the hens. Tomatoes, which are full of healthy nutrients like vitamin C and fiber, are a tasty addition to chicken. Don’t give them the blooms or leaves, though.


Sweet potatoes are a nutritious alternative to white potatoes, so consider incorporating them into your family’s diet instead of white potatoes. However, note that treats must make up no more than 10% of your hens’ diet, or around 1 Tablespoon each hen every day.

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