Can Chickens Eat Sweet Potatoes? (Facts & Benefits)

You’ll need to give your hens a lot of potatoes if you want them to grow up strong. The preparation of healthy meals is part of this. Chickens can get a wide variety of foods, but can they also consume sweet potatoes? 

Humans & other animals have been feasting on sweet potatoes for quite some time. The sweet potato is a staple food that has been eaten by humans for eons. A staple food that cannot be done without, sweet potatoes is an integral part of several cultural diets. 

While we know sweet potatoes pose no health risks to people, we can’t necessarily make that assumption about other species. But if we’re talking about hens, then the response is an emphatic “Yes”! Chickens can safely consume sweet potatoes. And you need to start feeding it to the flock right now. 

Nutritional benefits of Sweet Potato for Chickens –

Raising animals like chickens has led to the use of sweet potatoes for animal feed in some underdeveloped countries. Sweet potatoes are fantastic because you can use every part of the tuber to feed your chickens. 

The likelihood of wasted food is minimal. It is also quite accessible in terms of obtaining it. You can easily come across sweet potatoes for your hens. A good chance at growing your own crops lies in the possession of a sizable garden plot. 

Your chickens can get many of the vitamins, minerals, & nutrients they have to thrive from the sweet potatoes you offer them. 

  • Vitamin A

They are a good source of vitamin A, and sweet potatoes are among the best. A hen lacking in vitamin A is more likely to fall ill. This is due to the importance of vitamin C for the immune response. 

Infections & inflammations are particularly damaging to chickens because their bodies do not heal quickly from the damage they create. Because of this, getting back on your feet would take a lot longer than it used to. 

The chicken’s development and growth also depend critically on vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency may prevent the chicken from reaching its full size. It’s possible that hens won’t lay as many eggs if they don’t get enough vitamin A. 

  • Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D3 is another beneficial result of eating sweet potatoes. For optimal health, young chickens and hens should take this supplement. It’s useful for both development and reproduction.

Beak and limb deformities are just two examples of how a lack of vitamin D3 in a developing chick can affect its health and appearance. 

How much vitamin D3 a chicken needs is related to how much calcium & phosphorus it gets in its diet. Chickens’ vitamin D3 requirements can be calculated with the right combination of the two. 

Similarly, the quantity of vitamin D3 a chicken needs varies with its age and developmental stage. Before you start feeding the chickens sweet potatoes, you should probably find out if that’s okay. 

  • Carbohydrates 

Chickens can get all the carbs they need from sweet potatoes. Truly, sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates. 

The hens could benefit from having more stamina if they were fed sweet potatoes. Considering that laying eggs as well as other daily tasks need a lot of energy and stamina, this is crucial. 

  • Vitamin B

Sweet potatoes are a good source of nutrients for chickens, including but not limited to key vitamins and minerals. Chickens may eat a wide variety of foods, including proteins, fiber, fat, sugar, and others. 

Although this is a great first step in making sure your hens grow up strong & healthy, you should still keep an eye on how much they eat.

Always keep in mind that excess of anything is bad for anyone’s health, & that includes chickens. Just the right equilibrium is required. As the chicken’s or flock’s owner, it is your responsibility to figure out a solution.

Can Chickens Eat Sweet Potatoes

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Do Chickens prefer your Sweet Potatoes Cooked or Raw –

No matter how you prepare them, sweet potatoes are a nutritious and healthy option. Chickens can benefit from eating it either cooked or uncooked. It’s nice that there are a variety of ways to feed chickens sweet potatoes. 

The sweet potatoes you plan to prepare may need to be diced or sliced. This is due to the fact that hens lack the necessary teeth for proper digestion. 

This is the best option for storing sweet potatoes if you do not intend to cook them. The hens may have trouble eating & digesting if you don’t. This could prevent them from absorbing the vitamins and nutrients that it contains. 

You shouldn’t alter the consistency of cooked sweet potatoes given to hens. Avoid adding things like butter, cream, and milk, as well as other common culinary ingredients.

Those sweet potatoes can be cooked in a simple boiling water bath. Before giving it to the hens, you can either chop it up or mash it. 

Chickens may have a preference for one method of serving sweet potatoes over another, given the variety of options available. Find out which one resonates with them the best, & stick with it. The chickens will be pleased when you do that. They are getting what they require, and in a method that suits them best. 

Benefits of adding Sweet Potato to the Chicken’s Diet –

Feeding your hens sweet potatoes in their feed is an alternative to giving them cooked or raw sweet potatoes. It would provide new flavors and textures to their meals. 

Don’t go crazy if you decide to try this out. There’s the matter of the chickens’ ages to think about. You need to strike the proper balance. You should consider this, especially for the sake of the younger members of the flock, if you don’t want them to be overwhelmed. 

The stress on their body may alter their nutritional intake. It may end up making the chickens sick instead of ensuring their health. You don’t want anything bad to occur, right? 

Your hens’ ratio will need to be adjusted as they mature. This way, you can ensure that your developing hens are receiving a balanced diet. Don’t forget to monitor your child’s development and provide for their daily dietary requirements. 


Can you feed the Sweet Potato Skin to the Chickens? 

However, all parts of the sweet potato plant, including the leaf, stem, shrubs, flowers, peels, & flesh (cooked or raw), are completely safe to eat with your chickens. Sweet potatoes are actually members of the genus family. 

Can Chickens Eat the Skin of Sweet Potatoes? 

The poisonous alkaloid solanine can be found in potato peels, particularly when they become green from sun exposure. Both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes come from different families of plants. It is safe to feed them to your chickens because they do not have the neurotoxin solanine. 

Do Hens like Sweet Potato Peels? 

Chickens can eat potato peels if they are in good shape and have been properly cooked. But because potato peels lack several essential nutrients, they shouldn’t substitute for their main meal. 


Feeding the chickens sweet potatoes is only one of several options. Feeding poultry raw or cooked sweet potatoes are fine. All you have to do is give them what they need to grow into strong, healthy chickens of the flock.

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