The Sweetest Treats for Your Flock: Strawberries for Chickens

To keep the chickens happy, you can try some leftover strawberries.  If you feed the chickens a small number of strawberries every time, they won’t become sick. Chickens are omnivores, which means they can eat both meat and plants. Chickens will eat almost any fruit if they are eating the leafy green tops of the plant.

Why do you Feed the Chickens Strawberries –

Providing the chickens with strawberries has a number of advantages. It is a great way to change the taste of the chickens. 

  • Nutrient-rich Strawberries 

Fruits like strawberries, which are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B9, & antioxidants, are good for more than just your family and some poultry. 

Chickens are predisposed to foraging. In particular, they get a huge amount of delicious snacks. If you keep hens in a free environment, you understand what we are talking about. 

Chickens spend their entire day busy hunting and pecking for food. But consider this: Do you think you can survive on the same diet day in and day out? Your chickens are obviously getting bored with life in the coop if they can’t roam freely. 

The coop may see its lost vitality restored with the introduction of some new elements, such as a plate full of fresh strawberries. 

Chickens who are bored will often peck each other, start fights, form nasty behaviors, and make a lot of noise. They find variety in their food to be both stimulating and fulfilling. 

How to Give Strawberries to The Chickens 

The ideal way to give the strawberry to your chickens is discussed in this short article –

  • Select the soft strawberries 

While providing strawberries probably won’t kill your chickens, the high sugar content of strawberries can lead to metabolic problems. Strawberries have a lot less sugar than all the other fruits, yet eating too much of them can still be unhealthy. Strawberries should be used as a common and delicious food for chickens. 

  • Avoid Mouldy Strawberries 

Have you ever taken a bite out of a strawberry only to flip it over and see mold? It’s repulsive, right? As it turns out, chickens hate mold just as much as we do, and eating it can kill your hens (or simply come in contact with it.) 

Be sure the strawberries aren’t rotten and moldy before feeding them to your hens. It’s okay if they’re soft, but never feed the chickens anything that has mold, fungus, or is too rotten. 

  • Use a Lot of Grits 

Chickens obviously require grit to digest the food, so when you introduce a new food like strawberries to their diet, be sure to give them an extra scoop of grit to help them out. 

They are not as efficient at digesting berries as they are at their regular meals because of the berries’ high sugar content. Have some grit and it’ll be easier to deal with this challenge. 

  • Try Cold Strawberries 

Nothing beats a frosty beverage to beat the heat of summer. If you have any excess berries then produce that you won’t be using, freeze them & give them to your chickens on hot days. 

  • Provide a separate garden for your chickens

Your free chickens might benefit from their very own strawberry patch. It’s fine to let your chickens roam freely around the strawberry patch, so long as they also have access to a varied diet of other foods. 

If you want to give the chickens even more of a salad bar experience, you can throw in some of their other favorite ingredients, including leafy vegetables. 

When you give strawberries to the chickens for the first time, you might be surprised at how rapidly they disappear. Chickens love these delicious berries, so if you grow strawberries but don’t want to waste them, you can give them to them. 

Can Chickens Eat Strawberries

Do Chickens Really Enjoy Strawberries? 

Sure, these chickens really enjoy the tasty treat. The chickens can count themselves among the world’s luckiest creatures. The lowly chicken has a seemingly endless supply of food options, from meat and veg to grains & fruits. 

The addition of a few extra strawberries to your hens’ diet will help them flourish and will also make for a happy flock in the yard. A small amount of strawberries is fine for your chickens to eat. The benefits of strawberries for chickens, including how much is safe to feed & how much is too much, will be discussed in depth here. 

When raising chickens, why give them strawberries?

Strawberries should be provided for a few reasons to the chickens: they’re easily available, delicious, and healthy. There’s a solid reason why strawberries are considered a healthy food. The chickens can benefit from the vitamins, nutrients, & minerals found in these foods. Vitamin C, vitamin B9, & antioxidants can all be found in the strawberries. 

Strawberry Nutrition for Hens: A Healthy Choice 

There are advantages to giving strawberries to your chickens just as there are advantages to eating them yourself. Strawberries have been used to lessen the risk of heart disease in humans, and this may be true for chickens as well. 

There is evidence that eating strawberries can help with blood pressure, cholesterol, and clotting. Just a few of the many ways that feeding strawberries to the flock might improve their health are listed below –

  • It calms down inflammation 
  • boosts blood vessel health 
  • Controlling blood sugar levels 
  • Raise levels of antioxidants in the chicken’s blood. 

The health implications of feeding strawberries to chickens are sufficient to persuade most poultry owners to start doing so. However, you shouldn’t give them too much food. 

Why Feed Your Chickens Strawberries?

You must give your chickens fresh strawberries. They can become sick from eating strawberry leaves and stems. They won’t kill your chicken outright, but they’ll certainly make them quite sick. Strawberry and other fruit must only make up around 10% of your birds’ diet, with the remainder coming from chicken feed. 

How to Give Strawberries to Your Chickens 

As you know your chickens may eat strawberries for their health benefits and since it is possible to feed them, you can get some feeding advice too. 

Even if the hens benefit from eating strawberries, you should still be cautious while feeding them strawberries. Because of the sugar content, strawberries should not be fed to hens on a regular basis. 

Although strawberries have far less sugar than other berries, the sugar content in the berries can still produce a metabolic issue. Put strawberries on the “sometimes” list to be safe. 

Avoid the rotten strawberries 

These farm animals are so sensitive to mold that even touching a rotting strawberry could be fatal. Always give fruits and veggies a once-over to make sure they aren’t decaying or rotting before feeding them to your hens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hens eat the tops of strawberries? 

The green parts of the strawberry plant, including the calyx, are poisonous to humans as well as hens. Strawberries use their cyanide toxin “as a deterrent to pests,” however the amount is much lower than in apple seeds (0.6 mg per gram). 

Can hens consume the entire strawberries? 

For some time now, we’ve been wondering if our chickens may safely eat strawberries, as this fruit is related to roses. Are strawberries safe for hens to eat? In a word, yeah. Providing they are locally sourced, you can give the entire strawberry. 

Do hens eat raw strawberries? 

To keep the chickens happy, throw in some leftover strawberries. If you feed your chickens a small number of strawberries every now and again, they will not have any problems.

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