Can Chickens Eat Raw Potatoes? Totally Safe?

A good method to maintain a chicken’s regular diet is to offer them leftovers from the dinner table as well as organic produce. However, humans and chickens have quite different dietary needs, so think carefully about what you feed the birds. Can chickens eat raw potatoes? is a question often posed by hen keepers. 

Chickens can safely eat potatoes. Truly, potatoes are a nutritious snack that your chicks will love. 

Chickens can consume both unprocessed types of meat because they are omnivores. Give them a plate full of worms, insects, greens, as well as other veggies, and they will devour it all. Chickens may eat a variety of foods, including uncooked potatoes. 

Keep in mind, though, that not everything people eat is safe for hens to eat. You must understand the types of food which are safe to offer the chicken in addition to knowing how much of each food to give them. 

It’s true that chickens can eat raw potatoes, but there are some varieties or preparation methods that could be harmful. 

The Sweet Potato vs The Potato 

For starters, let’s separate potatoes and sweet potatoes so we can come to the solution to this most frequently asked question. 

The sweet potato is often mistaken for the potato. Despite sharing a name, they are not the same thing at all. The primary distinction is the plant family to which each species belongs. 

You can learn more about the circumstances under which hens can and cannot eat raw potatoes by reading up on this tuber. 

  • Potatoes 

Potatoes are members of the Solanaceae family, which also includes sweet potatoes, eggplant, and tomatoes. All three colors of potato are represented here. Tomatoes, eggplants, & peppers are also members of this family of plants. Despite being generally edible, this species contains toxins that are harmful to both hens and humans. 

White potatoes with green spots should be thrown out immediately since they may contain hazardous compounds. Leaves, plants, & flowers must also be discarded due to their potential toxicity. 

  • The Sweet Potato 

Instead of the poisonous chemicals found in white potatoes’ green parts, sweet potatoes have none. Because it is related to morning glories, the whole sweet potato plant can be eaten without worry. The most obvious difference between potatoes & sweet potatoes is their species. 

Reasons to Choose Raw Potatoes for the Chickens –

Many people who are interested in chickens want to know if they can feed them raw potatoes; now that the distinction between potatoes & sweet potatoes has been made, we can provide an answer. 

Raw potatoes are safe for chickens to consume, that much is true. Chickens can safely eat raw potatoes & sweet potatoes. If potatoes turn green or mold grows on them from improper storage, that’s the only time you shouldn’t feed them uncooked to hens. 

Chickens are a good source of protein for those who have access to raw white potatoes. These leaves and any other non-essential portions should be removed immediately.

If you notice any greening of the raw potatoes, don’t give them to the hens. Chickens, being natural foragers, will naturally avoid these harmful components, and while it is preferable to keep them away. 

In contrast, hens can eat every component of a sweet potato. The sweet potato’s stems, vines, & leaves are all tasty treats for the herd to eat. 

Why Uncooked Potatoes are so harmful to Chickens –

Raw potatoes, with the exception of the green kind, are safe for chickens to consume. For what reason do chickens become ill after eating green potatoes? Potatoes are naturally harmful because they belong in the nightshade. Solanine is one example of these dangerous compounds. 

Solanine is naturally resistant to insects and can kill fungi. Solanine is the plant’s first line of defense against fungal infections and insect pests.

The leaves, stems, as well as tubers of the plant all, contain this substance. Keep away from the potato’s skin, leaves, and especially eyes because they often contain a high quantity of solanine. 

Can Chickens Eat Raw Potatoes

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What Happens to Chickens When They Get Solanine –

If hens consume raw potatoes containing solanine, what will happen to them? Several health problems have been linked to solanine consumption. 

Whether or not solanine has any impact at all depends on how much of it is consumed. Even though solanine is poisonous in small doses, eating too many green potatoes can be lethal for hens. However, to avoid any unpleasant situations, you should not feed the chickens green potatoes. 

  • Get Rid of solanine

If you discover any potatoes that are green, it’s better to toss them. 

If you only want to get rid of the harmful components, you can accomplish so by removing the green peels. But that doesn’t prove there’s nothing solanine-containing on the inside. In most cases, getting rid of things is the best option. 

The solanine content of food can be decreased through cooking. However, scientific investigations have shown that cooking does have a negligible impact on solanine levels, at quite high temperatures. 

Nutritional benefits of Potatoes – 

If you want your chickens to be happy and healthy, feed them fresh potatoes. They are not only a healthy natural food option, but also a good source of carbs, potassium, & vitamin C. 

Potatoes, being a starchy food, will provide your chickens with the fuel they require. The addition of fiber, protein, & vitamin B6 rounds out their nutritional profile. You can get similar minerals and vitamins from sweet potatoes. They are richer in vitamin A than white potatoes. 

How to Provide the Raw Potatoes to the Chickens –

Even though raw potatoes are nutritious for hens, you should only feed them occasionally. 

Treats and supplemental foods like raw potatoes can be beneficial for chicken health. When compared to certain other foods, though, they do not provide quite as many essential elements. As a result, they won’t provide your flock with the nourishment they need to thrive. 

Don’t just feed your chickens raw potatoes all the time; instead, experiment with different types of food to ensure they get a varied and balanced diet. 

It was previously mentioned that hens could benefit from including raw potatoes in the diet. Feeding the chickens raw potatoes requires some preparation to make them more palatable. 

Keep in mind that hens lack teeth. However, unlike most animals, they have no ability to chew their food. They grab food with their beaks & promptly gulp it down. 


Can you feed Cooked Potato Peels to the Chickens? 

Chickens will eat potato peels if they are in good shape and have been roasted thoroughly. However, potato peels are not a sufficient replacement for their regular supper as they lack several essential elements. 

Are French Fries Safe for Chickens to Eat? 

Chickens will eat just about anything you throw at them, so feel free to toss them leftover meat, cheese, veggies, fruits, toast, French fries, poached eggs, and just about anything else. 

Do Chickens love Raw Potatoes?

Poultry benefits from the nutritional value of natural meals. The question of whether or not hens can eat raw potatoes is one that is frequently asked by poultry keepers.

To put it simply, yeah. Both white & sweet potatoes are safe for chickens to eat raw, but only if they are cooked first. Green potatoes, however, are hazardous to chickens due to the presence of solanine. 


Poultry does well on all-natural diets since they include beneficial elements. Can birds eat raw potatoes? is a common question among chicken keepers. In a word, yes! While white & sweet potatoes in their raw form are beneficial for hens, only the cooked green variety is safe due to the presence of solanine, which is harmful to the birds.

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