Can Chickens Eat Raw Meat? : To Feed or Not to Feed

Everybody can benefit from and enjoy the experience of raising chickens. It’s a great pastime that can help you make some additional cash. Applying top-notch medical care and ensuring healthy eating is crucial. Can chickens eat meat? This is a common question among new chicken owners. Find out the solution, along with some other helpful feeding pointers, in this post! 

Do Chickens Love Raw Meat? 

The meat you feed your hens can come from a variety of sources. Animal protein sources will be easily accepted because these creatures are not picky eaters. Some options for feeding your flock meat are listed below. 

  • Earthworms 

Chickens love eating earthworms because they are a healthy alternative to other common sources of protein. There’s a lot of protein in them, and their size is perfect for the pet’s little mouth. It’s okay if your chickens catch them. Make sure everything you’re collecting is both fresh & alive before giving it to your flock. 

  • Frogs 

Chickens need not worry about eating toads or frogs because they are completely safe for chickens. To get the most out of this amphibian hunt, though, they should go out and catch them on their own. Get it while they’re still living if you really want to help them out. Feeding your pet a dead frog can make them very sick, if not fatal. 

  • Fish 

Chickens really enjoy the flavor of fresh fish. The chickens will benefit from the high protein content. The fish must be freshly caught and properly cooked. You should not eat inadequately preserved seafood or fish. 

  • Bacon, Burger, and Chevon

Those tasty cuts of meat are suitable for consumption by chickens as well. However, pre-cooking them is recommended. Ensure the meat is fresh before feeding it to your pet. Don’t eat something that has gone off or is discolored. It’s not worth the possible health consequences to feed your pet shady food. 

  • Chickens 

Even if you raise hens, you may feel uneasy about feeding them chicken goods because of your affection for chickens. Yet there should be no apprehension because it is perfectly safe and socially acceptable. Protein is essential for their health, so they should get it from whatever they choose. The best approach is usually to provide cooked chicken without any seasoning. Make sure the scraps you feed your pet aren’t fried, cooked, or glazed with sauce. 

  • Eggs 

A lot of people eat eggs for breakfast every day. That they are safe for your avian pets to eat is wonderful news. They’re perfect for your hens because they’re full of protein & selenium. For the health of your flock, prepared eggs are recommended.

Can Chickens Eat Raw Meat

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Types of Meat Chickens Should Avoid –

Not every meat is good for hens, so keep that in mind. If they are having stomach issues, limiting their meat intake may assist. Providing your hens with nutritious meat requires some planning ahead of time. The following are also good examples of gifts to discourage from members of the family: 

  • Meat Products 

Artificial seasonings and preservatives included in processed meat can be harmful to pets. They might make you sick to your stomach or have an allergic response. Bacon, sausage, hot dogs, and luncheon meat should be avoided. 

  • Primitive Cuisine 

We, humans, have a penchant for greasy fast food like burgers, pizza, & fried chicken. But these fast food goodies aren’t exactly what the hens need to consume. Additionally, the hazardous preservatives they contain can upset the delicate balance of the chicken’s digestive tract. The excessive levels of fat in these foods are also bad news for your chickens. You should resist the temptation to feed your dog table scraps. 

  • Animal Fat 

Remove any excess fat from the steak before feeding it to the hens. Tiny quantities of fat may be beneficial for your pets, but too much can be harmful. They can reliably obtain sufficient fat in their diets from various sources, including such meals. 

  • Uncooked Stale Meat 

Occasionally you can give your flock raw meat. Still, it’s important to remember to dole it out in manageable increments. Checking that the meat wasn’t old from being in the fridge for too long is a good first step. 

  • Dead Animals

Your pet could be put at risk by the presence of harmful bacteria & viruses in dead animals. If you care about your chickens’ well-being, don’t feed them. Your pets will be able to make informed decisions about which animals are ideal for them if they have access to a field. And they definitely won’t be hungry enough to eat dead things. 

  • Sauces and Dressings 

Salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, & vinegar are common ingredients in meat-marinating sauces. The chicken would benefit less from these seasonings than it would without them. They might not feel like eating if they consume too much sugar or sodium. They won’t be able to eat healthily as a result. These taste enhancers might potentially cause digestive upset in your pet.

Can Chickens Eat Raw Meat

Benefits of Protein to the Chickens –

The following are some suggestions for feeding meat to the chickens without risking their health. 

Make little cubes out of the meat. Keep in mind that your chicken has a small mouth and could easily choke on food. The protein should be cooked before being served to the flock. If the food is heated, harmful bacteria and parasites will be destroyed. 

Always use freshly prepared raw meat when feeding your pet. If the meat has changed color, smells bad, or feels slimy, throw it out right away.

Cannibalism could result if people eat eggs that have been given to them with the shells still on. Your chickens may become accustomed to this and begin eating their own eggs. Be sure to hard boil the eggs before adding them to their meal. 

When the weather gets cold, hens benefit greatly from being fed meat. Since they are unable to scavenge for food themselves, it is important to provide them with meat to ensure they remain healthy. 

Larvae of insects can be fed to chickens. However, proper identification is required before feeding them any larvae. All of the following animals can be fed without worry: 

  • Rodents 
  • Mealworms 
  • Maggots 
  • Entomological pests 
  • Caterpillars 

Do not feed your pet anything oily. Chickens exposed to these may get diarrhea and eventually become dehydrated. 

Ways the Hens Benefit from Protein –

Providing your hens with an adequate amount of protein has many advantages: 

  • Aids the process of molting – 

Chickens go through a process called molting in which they shed some of their feathers. Feather growth is aided by protein, so be sure to provide it to them. Meat-supplying poultry farmers have observed that their cooped-up hens have developed fluffy feathers. 

  • It helps with laying eggs – 

For optimal egg production, chickens require protein. Egg size and quality can be improved with this nutrient. 

  • Keeps the muscles strong –

In order for a chicken to develop & adapt to its surroundings, protein is crucial. The ability to improve immunity means it can avoid frequent illness. 

A further video in which a homesteader discusses her time giving meat to hens is available here. 


Can Chickens Safely Eat Meat? 

As omnivores, your avian friends can enjoy meat without any health risks. They are omnivores, meaning they eat both animals and plants. Wild foragers like these will eat almost anything to meet their caloric requirements. 

Can Chickens Eat Prepared Meat?

Knowing that your flock can eat whatever they want outside is a huge relief. You might be asking if it’s acceptable to feed leftovers to your pet meat. The short answer is yes. In case you have any extra meat lying around, feel free to donate it as long as it is not ruined. 

How Much Meat Can Chickens Eat?

The amount of meat that can be fed to chickens is one factor to think about. While meat is nutritious and a wonderful source of protein, excessive amounts can be unhealthy. You should resist the urge to feed your pet as much meat as possible. 


Is it true that chickens can feast on human flesh? In a word, yes! Because of the protein it contains, meat is beneficial to the chickens’ development and egg production. If you want to eat meat without worrying about your health, you need to buy only the freshest, most sanitary cuts. You may offer your pet some love by preparing their favorite meal for them.

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