Can Chickens Eat Pears? Nutrition, Pros and Cons

Pears are a great choice if you’re seeking to provide the chickens with a healthy, low-calorie treat. Pears, because of their abundance of beneficial minerals and vitamins, can help keep chickens healthy. You may make pears a regular part of your chickens’ diet if you ensure that they are healthy and they enjoy eating them. 

The chickens would benefit greatly from eating pears. Although they don’t provide everything your hens need to thrive, they do improve egg output. Even though pears aren’t the most delicious fruit, chickens seem to really enjoy snacking on them. If you want to feed pears to your chickens, here are some points to keep in mind.

Multiple preparation methods exist for pears. Both fresh and cooked versions, as well as processed and dry versions, are suitable for the chickens. Your chickens can get all the benefits of the pears regardless of how you serve them to the chickens. 

Benefits of Pears to the Chickens – 

Yes, Chickens can eat Pears. Pears are a good source of hydration and important nutrients. They help with things like digestion and keeping you hydrated, among many other things. Pears are a wonderful option if you want to provide your chickens with a nutritious and pleasant treat. 

  • Great for keeping your chickens healthy

Chickens shouldn’t go without the basics like water and food. Whether you’re raising chickens for eggs, meat, or even both, you can’t afford to let them go hungry or thirsty for even a moment. Pears, which are 80 percent water, is a great addition to your chickens’ diet if you want to ensure they stay as hydrated as necessary. 

  • Good source of antioxidants 

Vitamins A & C, flavonoids, as well as other antioxidants are chemicals that aid in the battle against free radicals, and disease, as well as the maintenance of a wholesome flock of chickens. Your chickens’ health & egg production will benefit from a diet rich in antioxidant-rich pears. 

  • Enhances blood flow 

The high amounts of iron and copper in pears have been shown to improve blood flow throughout the body. Having a healthy blood flow is essential for the proper operation of your heart and other key organs, as well as for the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. The chickens could die of abrupt cardiac arrest if their blood isn’t circulating properly. 

  • Maintains normal cardiac function

Chickens, like people, are vulnerable to heart problems. There are a number of potential reasons for cardiac failure in chickens. Therefore, you should provide your hens with a diet rich in potassium to improve their cardiovascular health, increase blood flow, and lower blood pressure. Pears, thankfully, are a good source of potassium. 

  • Keep your bowels healthy

Constipation can be alleviated or prevented thanks to the high fiber content of pears. Even lower rates of heart disease, cancer, & obesity are a result. Because it is not absorbed into the body, fiber helps your chicken pass stool more easily and avoids problems like watery feces & hemorrhoids in the digestive tract. Add pears to the chickens’ feed if you notice they having trouble defecating.

Can Chickens Eat Pears

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Important Factors to Consider Before Giving Your Chickens Pears –

Pears are a low-maintenance treat that chickens will enjoy. However, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind. 

  • Originally-grown 

Make sure the pears you feed the chickens, whether raw or cooked, come from a certified organic farm. Fruits labeled as “organic” are grown without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. This makes them preferable to chemically-grown alternatives. 

Organic fruits, for example, are packed with healthy antioxidants and rarely harbor harmful bacteria, in contrast to their chemically farmed counterparts. Chickens are easily wiped out by a single case of infection in their feed. 

  • Ripeness 

In order to ensure the health of your chickens, you should only give them ripe pears to eat. Due to their high acid content, immature pears may cause stomach upset and other discomforts in the hens.

They’ll kill your chickens. Choking to death is a real risk if chickens eat them. If you can’t find ripe pears, let the ones you have sit out at room temp until they’re ready to eat or offer your chickens alternative ripe fruits. 

  • Serving 

As soon as they are soft, hens can eat entire pears, but you should slice them into little cubes to prevent your chickens from choking. That way, the cubes won’t become stuck in your chickens’ throats as they try to consume them. If the pears are mushy enough, you can feed them to your chickens in mashed form.

  • Boiling 

Pick naturally firm types of pears if you plan to cook them. The soft variety can’t take the heat. Get rid of the stones and put them in a pan of ice water. Reduce to medium heat. 

Besides apples, you may prepare a fruit salad for the chickens by adding other fruits including berries, raisins, and so on to the pan.

To avoid the possibility of your chickens absorbing too much sugar, avoid adding sweeteners. Keep the pears underwater the entire time to prevent them from drying out or turning brown. 

  • Leftovers 

Leave the pears out of the birds’ enclosure during the day. Remove the soiled food and tidy up the coop as quickly as the chickens have finished eating. Pears have a strong aroma that may entice unwanted visitors to your coop. As an added bonus, it pollutes the air and makes a mess of the coop, endangering the lives of your hens. 


Do Chickens love Pear Skin?

The rinds of pears can be consumed without any ill effects. They can stay on the fruit and won’t spoil it. Peels have vitamins, minerals, as well as other plant elements. 

Furthermore, the skin has a wealth of antioxidants like quercetin, which safeguard the chickens from the ravages of free radicals & other ailments. Pear skins are a good source of fiber and nutrients for your chickens. 

Can Chickens Eat Pear Flesh?

The flesh is the pear’s most succulent and tender section. Furthermore, it has several types of beneficial elements. Chickens will eat them whether you dice the flesh and mash them into a smooth paste. Only feed your hens healthy pears. 

Do Chickens Love Pear Seeds?

Even in small concentrations, cyanide can be found in pear seeds. Cyanide is a poison that will mess with the chickens’ internals and kill them. It prevents oxygen from reaching cells in the body.

Since the cells are unable to breathe, they will die in a matter of minutes. For this reason, cyanide has instantaneous consequences. Besides, you can’t eat a pear seed. This is not something you should feed your chickens because of how harsh & bitter they are.


Don’t cheat your chickens out of the health advantages of eating pears if they enjoy them. Pears, in addition to their many other positive effects on human health, are completely safe for chickens to eat. Pick out some nice pears and give them to the hens in whichever shape you see fit. Don’t, though, let the pears as well as other treats you give them take the place of their usual food.

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