Can Chickens Eat Oranges? Nutrition, Pros and Cons

Chickens, like people, have diverse diet plans. Do oranges benefit chickens? Okay, well, let’s check this out. 

Chickens have a varied diet that includes both animal and plant products. Despite popular belief, chickens are not vegetarians and will happily consume any insect or tiny animal they can grab with their beaks. 

Chickens will get sick if they are only given plant-based foods. Chickens that have been coerced into a vegetarian diet suffer from protein-based amino acid shortage and eventually die

Can Chickens Eat Oranges Without Getting Sick? 

Yes, Chickens can eat Oranges. If your chickens don’t like it, we assume for them it’s not nutritious then. Even though hens can safely consume oranges, that doesn’t mean they will. 

However, there is always an outlier. While most chickens will avoid citrus fruit & peel, some may try it

While vitamin C (found in abundance in oranges) has many positive health benefits, there is a rumor circulating among chicken keepers that giving their flocks enough of it can lead to unexpected and unwanted results. 

Do Chickens eat a wide variety of Oranges? 

Chickens’ diets contain both plant species products; they are not vegetarians. Do you have backyard chickens? If so, you may have seen them tilling the soil. At certain times, they scour the ground in search of seeds, insects, or bugs. Chickens will consume just about anything they can grab in their beaks, including small reptiles. 

Despite their adaptability, chickens can be finicky eaters at times. Again, chickens are just like us in that they have preferences for and aversions to the same foods that we do, although having less sophisticated taste buds. 

Do Chickens like Oranges? 

Perhaps you’re wondering if chickens can actually digest oranges now. It’s great that you want to know the limits of what hens can consume.

It’s the most effective method of treatment because feeding them the wrong thing can kill them.  Sometimes, chicken keepers & owners have been concerned about whether or not their birds should consume oranges. 

How many Oranges does a Chicken eat? 

Using the standard technique that “if you can take it, then hens can too” provides a straightforward solution. Hence, Yes! You can feed oranges to the chicken.

Chickens may be able to digest oranges, but that doesn’t mean they prefer them or that doing so is healthy for them. Chickens don’t need oranges, according to RSPCA Australia. Oranges have a sour flavor that most birds find unpleasant. Chickens have been given oranges to test the theory. 

However, the micronutrient content of oranges has raised concerns among some chicken owners & handlers, particularly in relation to the health of egg-laying birds. They worry that the chickens won’t get enough calcium, which would reduce their egg production. Citric acid might be the thing. 

It’s true that people who work with or own chickens would disagree on the best way to ensure egg quality before laying. 

Cut the oranges up into little pieces if you wish to try giving them to the birds. You may believe you are surprising them with a delicious treat when we have already established that they may not particularly enjoy the flavor of oranges. 

Start with a few little cuts in an orange and watch your chicken. You should test the chicken’s reaction to the oranges before feeding them to the flock. 

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can chickens eat oranges

Do Hens Require Oranges? 

Chickens won’t get sick from eating oranges, but they’re not essential to their health, either. There is a lot of vitamin C in oranges. Chickens, on the other hand, have no need for vitamin C because they manufacture their own. Plus, it’s a healthy source of fiber and potassium

Oranges are great for chickens, but they shouldn’t be fed too many because of the sugar content. So, an occasional, tiny serving of orange is fine for your chicken. Anything excessive can turn out badly. 

On the other side, some people might wonder if hens can safely consume orange peels. Oh, now we’re talking about a different book. While hens may enjoy eating orange peels, it is not recommended by experts. 

Due to the dangers, it poses to the chicken, experts do not recommend orange or fruit peels. The majority of us eat fruits that we bought at stores, and the skins of these fruits are typically coated with chemicals. Such fruit peels would be healthy for the chickens to consume, unlike the peels of fruits that grew in the backyard but were used for chemical treatments. 

In addition, fruit peels tend to be tough and substantial. Chickens might get stomach issues as a result. Therefore, that is where we should leave it for now. Only offer them a couple of oranges and don’t give them the peels. 

Tips to give Oranges to Chickens 

It’s possible that the thought of giving your chickens oranges makes you giddy with delight. Oranges aren’t good for your chickens, and they may not like them. In that case, you should only offer them a small portion. 

  • Peel the oranges. 

It’s true that chickens don’t have teeth. Because they only have beaks, they can only eat what is given to them by pecking at them. Therefore, it is not ideal to give them entire, unpeeled oranges, as the skins contain substances that are harmful to their health. 

  • Cut up the orange into little pieces. 

If you want to use oranges, you should probably chop them. You can either leave the orange halves out for the flock or add the orange slices to their food. 

After giving the oranges, now you must clean up. It has been mentioned that your chickens could not enjoy oranges. Wipe the feeders if you’ve accidentally thrown in some oranges with the feed or put some in there. Chickens that don’t care for oranges might not consume the feed again if there are even little amounts of oranges in it. 

  • Take out the oranges from the chicken coop

Take the remains from the oranges you placed into the pen or cage, whether they were whole or cut in half. Never encourage your chickens to continue picking at dirty oranges. 

Finally, during the warmer months, there is a fantastic technique to feed oranges to chickens. This is the perfect treat for the chickens if they enjoy oranges. When it’s hot outside, give them some frozen oranges. 


Can Chickens eat Orange peels?

The great news is that the chickens may safely consume orange peel. Unfortunately, your flock may not be interested in this, much like oranges. Some people also think the citric acid in the peel is harmful to a chicken’s digestive system, so keep that in mind. 

Can Chickens eat Orange pulp? 

Using the standard guideline that “if you really can eat it, then hens can too” provides the right solution. Hence, yes! You can feed oranges to your chicken. Chickens may be able to digest oranges, but that doesn’t mean they prefer them or that doing so is healthy for them. 

How many Oranges do Hens enjoy?

They are able to, although they don’t prefer them. Chickens can benefit greatly from eating oranges, although these birds typically avoid the tangiest of fruits. To make sure your flock eats them and benefits from them, try mixing them into fruit salads. 


Chickens can eat the same things as humans can. So, Yes! You may feed oranges to chickens. In the chicken kingdom, opinions vary on whether or not oranges are desirable.

Even so, if your chicken enjoys oranges, you may treat it to one occasionally. The oranges in their diet are toxic in high amounts. As the last step, please remove the peel from the orange before feeding it to the hens.

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