Can Chickens Eat Honey? Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

Everyone who has hens cares that their birds thrive. Most people who raise hens at home, whether in a yard or on a farm, come to think of their hens as members of the family. The children enjoy giving the chickens names and are always eager to be the first ones at the coop to collect the day’s fresh eggs.

Making sure your chickens are getting the appropriate nutrition is an important part of chicken raising. Some chicken owners, aware of honey’s many health benefits, may question if they can give it to their hens as a treat. 

Do Chickens Love Honey?

Your hens will go crazy for anything topped with honey, and it’s good for them. If your birds are nervous around newbies, offering them a tablespoon of honey may help them warm up to visitors. When you offer your birds some honey or another sweet treat, they will likely rush to eat it. Find out what you need to know about giving your chickens honey as well as other sweets in this handy guide. 

Honey in nearly any form is fine for chickens to eat. They don’t care if it’s cooked, steamed, pasteurized, or even raw. Honeycomb is another tasty treat for chickens, so if you happen to have a beehive on your property and some extra honeycomb hanging about, feed it to your hens! They won’t get to eat it very often, so it will be a special treat for them. 

Honey, when combined with apple cider vinegar, garlic, as well as other nutritious ingredients, is fed to young chickens by some farmers as a means of increasing the birds’ nutrient intake and protecting them from disease. 

Honey can be given to hens in a number of different ways, including by spoon, by placing it on the ground, or by incorporating it into their regular diet. 

Honey can cause the feed to clump, which can be unpleasant for the birds since it sticks to their beaks while they eat. The chickens would prefer it if you drizzled it over the other pieces of food you were offering them. They’ll rush up to the dish and begin picking at the treats right away. 

The Benefits of Honey to Chickens 

Honey is a common chicken treat. Because of how sugary it is, they don’t receive it very often. We’ve found that many hen keepers view their hens as pets, so it stands to reason that they’d like to treat their hens occasionally. 

Honey is an excellent social icebreaker, and it’s also great for introducing hens to new people. Honey is a great method to break the ice with those who are reluctant to approach the chickens for fear of hurting them. 

When enticed with honey, most hens will outgrow their fear of humans. The birds will soon have your pals stroking them and trying to keep a firm grasp on the spoonful of honey as it is pecked at. 

In addition, honey has several positive effects on chicken health. The high-calorie content of honey is a major reason why it is given to hens as a food source. 

Chickens that are underweight can regain their normal weight by eating honey. When it’s hot as well as the chickens are having a hard time getting around, a little honey can help give them a much-needed energy boost. 

Honey, as a last note, is an excellent nutritional supplement for your avian friends. Having to deal with sick chickens is a difficult experience, especially if you’ve been caring for the chickens for a long time. And the last thing you want is for them to be ill or in agony. You can speed up your hens’ recovery with the help of honey, a natural immune system enhancer.

Can Chickens Eat Honey

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Reasons to Feed Honey-flavoured snacks to the Chickens – 

Can you give your hens treats that taste like honey because honey is healthy for them? Overfeeding sugar to the chickens is the biggest thing you need to watch out for. 

Added sugars are harmful to chickens, and honey-flavored goods are notorious for this. If you give them a little sugar now and then, it won’t hurt them, but if you constantly give them sugary snacks, they’ll get overweight & develop health problems associated with it. 

Eat only raw honey, honeycomb, & mild treats with a honey flavor. Honey-flavored breakfast cereal is a nice treat that some chicken owners give to their hens on occasion. You should just try to avoid providing it to them daily. 

You shouldn’t give your chickens salty treats like honey nuts or honey pretzels, either. Chickens should not eat too much of it because of its high salt content. 

Handling Sticky Chickens 

Honey will likely end up on the hens’ beaks and possibly in their feathers the first day you offer it to them. The birds might get a kick out of it, but it’s probably not the best thing for your health. 

The level of messiness your chickens generate will depend greatly on how you feed them, honey. 

If you have a lot of chickens and you give them honey from a bowl or a spoon, they will likely all rush to the food at once. To obtain as much honey as possible, they’ll flap their wings & dive their beaks into the heap. 

As a general rule, it’s best to incorporate the honey into the other items you’re providing so as to minimize the likelihood of a major spill. A preferable method is to prevent sticky beaks & feathers by putting honey with oats or pieces of bread or spreading it over fruit remnants.

Can Chickens Eat Honey

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honey Good for Sick Chicken?

As the sugar and honey suck the excess fluid away from the inflamed tissue, the prolapse can be (gently) forced back into the vent. Spread honey or powdered sugar over the prolapse. 

What does Raw Honey do for Chickens? 

It’s a great source of nutrients for them and has been shown to alleviate anxiety in scorching temperatures. Honey also helps keep their pH stable and increases their ability to lay eggs. Honey, along with other nutritious items, should be included in a chicken’s diet on a regular basis and can help ward off illness. 

Do Hens Benefit from Eating Honey? 

You can feel good about giving the chickens honey as a reward. This will boost their immunity and get them to finish off the rind when you give them scraps. Be mindful of your chickens’ body mass to prevent overfeeding their honey. 


It’s a lot of fun to watch hens go crazy for honey. It’s lovely to see the birds become thrilled about eating something different than their typical feed, like watermelon.

You can feel good about giving honey to your chickens as a treat. It strengthens the immune systems & encourages them to finish off the rind when given leftovers.

If you want to avoid your hens getting fat from eating too much honey, just keep an eye on their size. If you notice they’re getting overweight, cut way back on the honey treats.

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