Can Chickens Eat Grapes? (Explained)

Having an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C, and also vitamin B complex, including trace elements like copper & calcium, grapes are also a delicious and nutritious snack. However, they are extremely heavy in sugar, so limit their consumption to once a week and in very little quantities. For easier digestion by your flock, you should rough-chop them beforehand. 

Those who care for chickens are always on the lookout for new treats to feed their avian companions. However, what about grapes? You probably considered throwing a juicy grape at your chickens, but you restrained yourself. Grapes, in moderation, are actually fine for chickens to eat. 

You’ll find all you need to know regarding feeding grapes to hens and the advantages of doing so right here. 

Why Chickens should Eat Grapes?

This is the question you must have thought about several times. In a word, yes. Most chickens enjoy the taste of grapes. Therefore, you can feed your flock any type of fruit you like, including red grapes, green grapes, concord grapes, and others. 

However, it’s possible to eat too many grapes. Further down this page, we’ll get into the specifics of the reasons behind this. 

What’s important to know right now is that hens have evolved to thrive on a diet rich in grapes and other fruits and vegetables. That’s because hens have existed for a very long time. Considering that chickens are the direct descendants of dinosaurs, it’s possible that they’ve been around for even longer than humans have. Chickens aren’t picky eaters because of this, as they will eat just anything. 

can chickens eat grapes

Benefits of Grapes for Chickens – 

 There are several benefits as follows: 

  • Their body can absorb fresh fruits

Minerals and vitamins are essential for the hens. Because of this, it is recommended that high-quality chicken feed be supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruits. The probiotics, fiber, & vitamins found in fresh produce are essential for the health of a chicken’s digestive tract. The meat quality of a chicken is also improved by exposure to fruits and vegetables. 

  • Grapes have a huge variety in a chicken’s diet

Your mood will improve as your diet becomes more varied. The same may be said about chickens. Chicken feed is fortified with supplemental minerals and vitamins but it cannot replace the nutritional value of a balanced diet that includes fresh produce. Chickens thrive when fed a diet that includes both grains and fresh produce. 

  • Grapes are rich in several nutrients. 

Grapes are an excellent snack because of their many positive qualities. Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin essential for bone health & blood clotting, is one of the key reasons. Grapes’ high vitamin C content will help your flock resist illness. 

Other components of grapes include: 

  • Sodium 
  • Chloride
  • Folate 
  • Iron 
  • Magnesium Zinc 
  • Selenium 
  • Selenomethionine 

Do you wish the eggs your hens laid had a little more flavor?

The shell may not be as sturdy as I thought. So, it sounds like your hens may use some more food. The vitamins and minerals that give egg yolks their vibrant orange color can be found in grapes. 

What You Need To Know About Feeding Grapes To Your Chicken –

Remember that a single grape is far smaller than a standard chicken. The grape seeds & smaller grapes from the backyard are fine for the flock to consume, but the huge grapes from the store will need to be processed before being fed. 

If you want your chickens to stay healthy, try feeding them organic grapes. Grapes should be rinsed under running water to eliminate dirt and chemicals. Some chickens could get greedy & try to eat the grapes whole, so it’s best to cut them up before giving them. 

Mix the grapes with other healthy foods such as oats, chicken feed, grit, silkworms, and fresh products. For a small flock, a sliced grape will be enough. 

Are there any problems with eating these grapes? 

Many people who have a soft corner for chickens enjoy rewarding them with treats. Your flock will most likely be able to eat whatever you throw at them, so it’s tempting to just throw away the leftovers. However, the reality is that not every sweet is the same. 

You’re lucky if you like grapes because they make a healthy and well-received treat for hens. Even when they dry up, grapes retain their sweetness and juiciness. 

Are the Raisins helpful for the Chickens? 

Yes, but beware, if you don’t give each of your chickens enough of these treats, they’ll start pecking at each other. 

Can I feed the Grape stems to the Chickens? 

Yes! Your hens will eat everything, including the grapevine if you let them! Your chickens should be comfortable eating the whole grape, including the seeds, as long as they don’t choke or eat too many at once. 

Grapes are perfectly safe to eat, with the possible exception of any chemicals that may have been sprayed on them while they were still growing or after harvesting. So, just like you would do with human food, wash the grapes before feeding them to your hens. 

Can Raisins be used instead of Grapes? 

Doesn’t everyone agree that raisins are just dried grapes? That’s true, however, keep in mind that the sugar content of raisins is higher because they’re smaller. Furthermore, raisins purchased from a store may have unpleasant chemicals. 

Your hens probably enjoy raisins as much as you do, but remember that it’s best to feed them in moderation. 

If your chickens consume too many raisins, they’ll get fat fast. And that’s not good for anyone, but especially not for people raising fast-growing birds like broilers. 

When a chicken is overweight, it might develop joint difficulties, become unable to support its own weight, and experience other health concerns. Therefore, sweets like raisins should be ignored or consumed in moderation. 

You have to provide foods that don’t get too stuffed, hens can enjoy grapes & raisins. 

Although it may be extra, you shouldn’t feed your chicken too many raisins if you want it to get fat and healthy. Keep your hens in their natural habitat, and try to match a chicken’s normal diet as closely as possible. 

Last but not least, if your hens turn their beaks up at anything you’ve served them, they likely already know it’s not something they should consume (most of the time).


Do grapes work with hens’ stomachs? Of Course! Grapes are a delicious and nutritious treat that offers a wide variety of advantages to hens. Prior to feeding hens raisins, there are some factors that should be kept in mind.

Avoid giving your chickens an excessive amount of food, and check to see that their diet is already well-rounded. Grapes are an excellent addition to a diet that already includes a wide variety of foods. So go ahead and treat your hens to a grape or two that you’ve cut up.

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