Can Chickens Eat Deer Corn? Is It Safe For Chickens

Deer corn is one of the more widely available and inexpensive all-natural foods available. It’s sold in supermarkets and farmers’ markets and presumably grows on your neighbor’s land. That’s why a lot of people who raise chickens think about feeding them deer corn. But the question is: can chickens eat deer corn? 

Now, to the point! Can deer corn be fed to chickens? Deer corn can be fed to hens without any worries. Is it harmful to the chickens? The answer is “not necessarily,” but only if it is consumed in excessive quantities. 

Deer corn is a nutritious choice for animal feed because it is a natural diet that, when cultivated organically, is especially good for the animal’s digestive system. Compared to other vegetables, it does not pack quite as many minerals and vitamins into its very small size. 

For optimal health, chickens require more than simply carbs. They require a diet that is well-rounded and provides enough of all the necessary nutrients for proper bodily function, growth, & development. 

Use of deer corn – as a treat or as a staple food?

Quality chicken feed is the foundation of a healthy diet for your chickens, supplemented by fresh produce like deer corn, green peppers, lettuce, & basil. 

Now that we’ve shown that chickens may, in fact, eat deer corn, you’re probably wondering what kinds of deer corn are appropriate for chickens to consume. 

All deer corn is not created equal, and different types have varying nutrient profiles. Additionally, deer maize can be eaten in a number of different forms. So, let’s go over the several kinds of deer corn that poultry can eat. 

  • Crisp new corn

Deer corn is also known as maize in other parts of the world. The chickens will love you forever if you feed them freshly grown maize from your own farm. They will probably enjoy picking at it with their beaks. 

When you have some extra time, you may also separate the seeds from the cob and offer them to your animals. 

  • Deer corn on the cob 

Can deer corn on the cob be fed to chickens? You can feed your chickens a deer corn cob either cooked or uncooked. The corn on the cob won’t be a problem because the hens would happily peck at it to get to the kernels. Many chicken keepers find it entertaining to see their birds feast on whole deer grain. 

  • Cracked deer corns

Do you wish to spare your birds the trouble of cracking open kernels? To appease them, feed them broken deer grain. 

Cracked deer corn, or deer corn that has been allowed to dry and then broken into tiny pieces, is more convenient for birds to eat. You can buy this from any store, but making your own is easy as well.

Can Chickens Eat Deer Corn

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Can deer corn cause suffocation in chickens? 

Some people mistakenly believe that deer corn is a “hot food,” which leads to the widespread belief that it causes poultry to overheat. The reason it has this name is that it prevents birds from becoming too cold or too hot. 

Chickens do not become overheated from eating deer corn. On the contrary, it cannot even increase core body temperature. 

Instead, deer corn can keep chickens warm, especially in the winter, due to its high-calorie content, which increases the chickens’ metabolic rate. 

More energy for your chickens means more calories in the meal. This vitality can be used anywhere for daily tasks to remain warm in frigid climates. 

Nutritional value of deer corn –

The nutritional value of various global kinds of deer corn varies. But the variation is more likely to be in terms of quantity than variety when it comes to nutrients. 

Deer maize is a great source of energy and healthy fiber for the digestive tract. As a result of its high carbohydrate content, it will provide your hens with sustained energy during the day. Deer corn includes magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E, & vitamin K, albeit in trace levels. 

Amount of Deer Corn you can Feed to the Chickens?

It’s true that excess of it can be harmful. Feeding deer corn to poultry as treats or snacks is the best use for it. Veterinarians & poultry experts do not advise using it as a primary source of nutrition or as a replacement for regular chicken feed. It is because it lacks several essential minerals for proper development and growth. 

It is recommended that chicken keepers occasionally provide their birds with very modest amounts of deer corn. Every week, feed your deer a teaspoon of deer corn. 

You can give your hens a variety of veggies and fruits as gifts and snacks. In this way, you can ensure that your chickens receive a wide range of essential nutrients. Additionally, it offers them a wider selection of tastes and textures to enjoy. 

Overfeeding deer maize can cause hens to gain weight, so it’s important to monitor their diets. That can have a significant impact on how you provide for and care for your chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Deer Corn

Tips to Prepare Deer Corn for Chicken Feeding

Deer corn is available in a variety of preparations, including the whole kernel on the cob and tinned. Deer corn can be prepared in a variety of ways for use as poultry feed.

Feeding your flock deer corn in whole kernels is the most time-efficient method. Can deer corn on the cob be fed to chickens? Can you put whole deer corn in a chicken’s tummy? If you’re wondering whether or not anything is true, the answer is yes. 

Deer corn on the cob, either raw or cooked, will attract a rafter of chickens. Chickens will flock to it in search of the deer corn dangling from the ceiling. Your chickens will benefit from the workout and entertaining distraction. 

Cracked deer corn is another choice for poultry feed. You should start by drying the grain you’ll use to feed deer. Then, you need to grind it till it’s an acceptable size for further processing. Birds often eat cracked deer corn because it is easy to pick up and eat. 

Frozen snacks made from kernels and water will last for months, even in extremely hot climates. You can give it to the chickens frozen as a treat and a drink of water. 


Can Chickens Eat Canned Deer Corn?

Can’t find any new grain to eat? Do not fret! You can also find deer corn in tin cans that have already been packaged and sold. Chickens can safely consume canned deer corn just like people can. 

Canned deer corn is preserved with salt and water. While water alone poses no threat, giving your chickens excessive quantities of salt could be problematic. 

Can Hens be fed leftover Deer Corn?

Chickens can be fed leftovers and other food scraps as a means of reducing food waste. Chickens can be fed deer corn like human food. 

However, don’t go overboard, as some spices and other additives, like salt & condiments, might be harmful to the health of your chickens if given in excess.

Can Chickens Eat Deer Corn Husks? 

The green husk that covers deer corn cobs is typically thrown away and wasted. One of the most interesting things! Chickens can eat this section of deer corn as well. 

But it has almost no nutritional value, so your flock won’t benefit from eating it. Even though chickens are innate foragers, they are unlikely to eat deer corn husks because they are not nearly as tasty as kernels. 


Many people who keep chickens wonder if the birds can eat deer corn because it is so readily available and inexpensive. Chickens may eat deer corn in any form — fresh, tinned, processed, or frozen. All things considered, deer corn is a healthy treat for chickens but should not be fed to them regularly.

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