Can Chickens Eat Cherries? The Surprising Benefits With Feeding Tips

Chickens need a source of great nutritional elements. Their insatiable appetite may need more than the human. It’s entertaining to watch them go nuts over treats, and it’s truly great to see them consume cherries in a short period of time. So Yes, Chickens can eat Cherries in moderation.

As the chickens have an insatiable appetite, this usually results in a positive response rather than a refusal. Most trainers recognize this as both a dilemma and a non-dilemma.

Fortunately, they may easily be satisfied by virtually any offer. The issue is that they have a limited stomach capacity and cannot consume everything. You shouldn’t stress over it, though! For the time being, let’s focus on cherries. 

Nutritional Benefits of the Cherry for Chickens –

However, there are some areas that are much less dangerous than others. Don’t stress over it. In this article, we will discuss how to deal with each component. 

  • Cherry flesh 

The fruit’s flesh is also one of the more benign components. There are some parts where you’ll want to exercise caution, but not here. With this section, the only safety measures you need to take are the standard ones. 

  • Skin to the seeds, stems, and leaves of the cherries 

Do not forget that each chicken has its own particular likes and dislikes. If the chickens reject the cherries you’ve offered them, that’s quite normal.

One may easily count dozens of cherries. In the event that they don’t take a shine to one variety, they’re usually going to enjoy something other. 

Try feeding your chickens some cherries and observing how they react. First, it’s smart to gauge their interest in the new surprise. If they decide they don’t like the fresh snack, there will be less of a mess made in the run. 

Benefits of Feeding Chickens Cherries –

The fowl could probably devour the fruit. In addition, we have confirmation that the vast majority of them enjoy it. Let’s test to see if it helps them right now. 

Cherry’s benefits are numerous. They are also relatively free of potentially harmful substances. As an example, cherries are a good source of vitamin A & calcium. In addition, it has a low calorie and salt count.

But cherries have a lot of sugar. Furthermore, it lacks essential minerals for chickens. So, cherries are fine as a reward, but not as a main course for your chooks. 

Can Chickens Eat Cherries

Cherries for Newborn Chickens – 

Since we’ve covered the grownups, let’s not overlook the kids. Chicks can eat the same things their parents can. So, yes! Cherry pie is acceptable for young birds. You need simply exercise some precaution. 

Even if you plan to feed the pits to your chickens, you should remove them as a precaution. Be mindful of the size of the chicks. They can choke on one of the seeds. 

Just like with grownups, though, they shouldn’t be given an unlimited supply of cherries. Don’t forget that starting feed should be used for most chicks until after the sixth week. After that, they’ll be ready for even more treats. 

A large amount of water may be stored in this fruit. Perhaps you already know this, but during the warmer months, hens have a greater need for water. A good way to assist them to cope with the heat of the summer is to give them treats that contain water. 

If you have any overweight hens on your run, the cherry can be one of the best summer treats because it has few calories. 

To optimize the cooling effect, you should probably refrigerate them before offering them to the chickens. 

Some other Summertime Delights for the Chickens – 

Summer preparations can be made at any time of year. If you’re looking for some snacks, here are a few suggestions: 

  • Watermelons– 

Because of the high water content of its pulp, the entire fruit can be consumed without worry. So, unlike with cherries, you didn’t have to think about swallowing any nasty little seeds! 

  • Strawberries– 

Strawberries are another option to consider. Around 92% of its mass is water. 

  • Radishes– 

Moving on to the vegetable category, radishes are a great addition that follows the color scheme. Chilling the treats may provide your chickens with an extra burst of coolness, so do it if you can. 

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Types of Cherries Chickens Can Eat –

The following is a list of snacks that are rich in water content if you’re interested. The chickens can eat all of the items on the list. 

  • Cherry Cautions –

While it’s generally safe to eat cherries, there are certain things to keep in mind if you would like to ensure a healthy and happy chicken flock on your farm. 

  • Cherries with a Sugar Coating – 

Avoid glazed cherries if at all possible. That cherry is loaded with sugar, and chickens do not require it. 

  • Dried Cherries – 

Dried cherries are fine for your chickens to eat, but you should avoid ones that have a sugar coating. Once again, hens have no nutritional need for sugar. 


Do Chickens Eat the Cherry Skin?

The cherries can be eaten without being peeled. Your chooks can chow down on the peelings. Cherry skins are edible as well. If you bought it from the store, you may want to wash it first.

Washing store-bought produce thoroughly is a wonderful habit to get into. It’s possible that the hens won’t become sick from the chemical coating on the skin or whatever else is exposed. To put it simply, those are the items that can be dangerous to your hens. 

Do Chickens love the Cherry Leaves? 

The sweet cherry is really great. It’s safe for chickens to consume the leaves, although care must be given. 

If the leaves aren’t too wilted, it’s fine to give them to your chickens. Cyanide can be found in the withered leaves. Everyone knows that this stuff is bad for you. Some people who work with chickens avoid the leaves for this. 

Can Chickens Eat the Cherry Stems and Pits?

So, first, let’s talk about the worst parts. The opinions of those involved in the chicken industry on the pits are split. There is cyanide in the trenches, which is one explanation. To put it another way, it’s highly toxic. A casual observer might conclude that it is unsafe to feed hens. And it is! 

The pits contain a chemical that is toxic to hens, but it takes a lot of it to have any noticeable effect. You should not worry unless you intend to feed them an excessive amount of cherries.

In spite of this, some keepers still avoid the sandbox. Some people are just being cautious and avoiding potentially dangerous situations. Some people avoid the areas around the base because they fear they might be sucked into the base and drown. 


The cherry should be consumed in its entirety, while some parts may be preferable to others for health reasons. You may rest assured, though, if you limit their access to cherries. 

The only parts of a human that chickens would find appetizing are the meat and the skin. But it’s possible that the pits, stems, & leaves aren’t appealing to them. Even if these portions contain a potentially dangerous toxin, you can still feed them to your chickens. 

Additionally, you can feed your baby chicks some cherries. The pits could present a health hazard, so it’s best to remove them or chop them up.

There are several beneficial compounds found in cherries. There aren’t a lot of potentially harmful components in them either. However, you shouldn’t feed it to your hens often. Nothing they would need is there. But, cherries may be a nutritious snack.

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