Can Chickens Eat Cheese? (Answered)

Chickens have a voracious appetite, yet they can’t eat just anything. As you might imagine, when you’re a chicken breeder, you get many questions about the foods they can and cannot eat. Now, about that cheese The question: Does anyone know if chickens like cheese? 

Cheese is one of the most well-liked foods in the world. Cheese is perfectly fine for people to eat, and what if you would like to feed it to the chickens? 

Chickens share our fondness for cheese. Chickens can, in fact, eat cheese. To retain the chickens healthy, you should restrict the number of treats you offer them, just like you would with any other food. Your chickens won’t die from eating cheese. 

As a chicken breeder, you get lots of questions about the foods that are safe and unsafe for your birds to eat. 

Do Chickens Enjoy Eating Cheese?

Cheese is one of the most well-liked foods in the world. Cheese is perfectly fine for people to eat, but what happens if you want to feed it to your chickens? Can we ask if your chickens enjoy a bit of cheese? 

In any case, as chicken farmers, we ought to know what kinds of cheese are safe for our feathered companions to eat. In addition, your hens can consume cheese, and only in moderation. 

The cheese is packed with vitamins & trace minerals, helping your chicks develop into healthy adults. When fed in excess, cheese’s heavy components can hurt the cluckers. 

Let’s examine a variety of cheeses to see whether any of them are hazardous to your herd. Further, we’ll check out the cheeses’ dietary breakdowns. In addition, we’ll show you the ideal serving sizes for giving these treats to the chickens.

What You Need To Know About The Cheese Intake For Your Chickens 

Although little amounts of cheese may not pose any health risks, eating enough of it does. You might be surprised to learn how many beneficial & healthful ways there are to regularly incorporate cheese into your hens’ diets. 

In addition, cheese is packed with nutrients that your cluckers will love. Calories, calcium, & vitamin D aren’t the only things that cheese has going for it. 

Cheese is a great addition to your chickens’ diet for several reasons. Even more so in the colder months when the chickens will require extra food to keep them warm. 

Cheese and other milk products are a treat for chickens. Some of the most well-liked kinds of cheese are goat’s cheese, cottage cheese, mozzarella, & Ricotta.

However, hens can only handle a small amount of cheese at a time. If such cheese has a higher fat content, you should serve it to the feathered friends less frequently. Otherwise, your chickens will get sick with diarrhea & gain weight.

Can Chickens Eat Cheese

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Tips to Feed Cheese To Your Chickens

Here are a few suggestions for incorporating cheese into your hens’ diet: 

  • Whole Block Cheese

In general, whole cheese isn’t something you want to feed the chickens and it’s not something they can easily digest. However, mozzarella cheese served in a block is easier for the birds to peck & eat because of its softer texture. Goat cheese is another form of cheese that can be fed to chickens. 

  • Slicing or Cutting Cheese 

One of the finest ways to serve cheese to hens is in the form of cut or sliced pieces since these are easier for the birds to peck & consume. You can safely feed your chickens slices of cheese that are safe for them. 

  • Shredded Cheese

Feeding cheese to hens is a good idea, but it’s probably better if it’s shredded. Adding shredded cheese to their diets is a great way to improve their nutritional value. 

  • Mixing Cheese With Feeds

If you slice or cut the cheese into tiny pieces, the birds will have an easier time pecking at it. Shredded cheese is a great addition to their diets. Whatever the case may be, your hens will love a meal of cheese from the bowl. 

The Health Benefits of Cheese to Your Chickens 

Depending on the type of cheese, you may get fats and proteins from it. One hundred grams of cheddar has 37% hydration, 33.8 g of fat, 24 g of protein, 1.3 grams of carbohydrates, & 0.3 grams of sugar. 

Cheese won’t kill your chickens, but it is also not the healthiest option for them. Its high protein content, however, makes it an excellent food source for laying hens. 

Vitamin A, B12, K2, calcium, potassium, riboflavin, selenium, salt, & zinc are just some of the vitamins and minerals found in abundance in cheese.

Both the strength of eggshells and the health of bones depend on adequate calcium intake. Vitamins A and K2, as well as minerals like riboflavin & zinc, contribute to good cardiovascular and skeletal health. 

Both vitamin B12 and salt contribute to a well-functioning neurological system. Phosphorous aids in the formation of a sturdy shell, and selenium is essential for healthy egg growth. 


Do Chickens like Goat Cheese?

Due to its lower lactose & salt content, goat cheese is a superior alternative to cow’s cheese. Goat cheese is easier for birds to stomach because of its low-fat content. 

Do Chickens like Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is the ideal choice to use when blending soft cheese with certain other delights. Don’t give your birds cottage cheese on its own because it’s too sticky. 

Do Chickens like Moldy Cheese?

For the same reason that cultivated penicillin makes moldy cheese a tasty treat for chickens, it can also be used as a treatment for human infections. Chickens’ resistance to disease is strengthened by the antibacterial qualities of moldy cheese and blue cheese. 

Do Chickens like Mozzarella Cheese?

Mozzarella cheese, either shredded or in blocks, is an excellent treat for your chickens. Because mozzarella is among the milder cheeses, it’s fine to feed it to your chickens. 

Do Chickens like Shredded Cheese?

Shredded cheese is simpler for the chickens to peck and eat. In addition to being easily mixed into their meal, the chickens’ digestive systems also benefit from the cheese’s dry texture. 

Try to stay away from hard cheeses flavored liberally with salt & spices. Resist American cheese and other low-nutrition dairy products since they can be difficult for chickens to digest. 


Cheese is another pleasure that can be fed to chickens in little amounts. Maintain the standard fare & supplement with cheese to improve the health of the chickens.

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