Can Chickens Eat Bird Seed? (Nutrients, Benefits & Diets)

Having chickens as pets or backyard companions is a lot of fun. Keep them for the eggs & the meat; they don’t require too much attention. If you’ve found this post, you’re presumably curious about whether or not chickens can consume birdseed. 

Yes! Can Chickens Eat Bird Seed, a blend of several seeds, is used to sustain avian populations. Chickens are a type of bird, they can safely consume any item. 

Chickens are fantastic creatures for a variety of reasons, but maybe their most unique quality is that they will eat practically everything. Babies can certainly consume birdseed, and they will likely enjoy it. 

The same applies to the birdseed you serve your hens as it does to anything else you feed them: make sure it’s of good quality. 

Avoid buying birdseed that contains fillers; instead, look for products that are composed entirely of seeds. Although chickens will eat practically anything, they are not ready to digest artificial ingredients. 

Should You provide Bird Seed Every Day to the Chickens –

Certainly not, and certainly not in large quantities every day. This diet is delicious, but it lacks the essential nutrients that chickens need to thrive. Birdseed alone is not a balanced diet and can cause a variety of health issues in chickens. 

Because of its high fat & calorie content, feeding your chickens exclusively birdseed can lead to obesity and subsequent health problems. Your hens probably wouldn’t mind eating anything but birdseed, regardless of the potential drawbacks. 

Because of this, you should put forth a little more restraint than your small feathered companions and restrict their access to bird seed. 

Free-range hens can benefit from a light scattering of birdseed over the yard. Your hens will have a great time searching for the reward, & they would be more motivated to take daily walks. 

Bird Seed for Laying Hens –

Birdseed is safe for laying hens to ingest. Just like with humans, this should be a rare treat for your pet. Feed your hen bird seed each time he lays an egg if it is their favorite snack. In addition to making your chick feel safe and secure, this thing may also prompt her to start laying additional eggs. 

Can Chickens Eat Bird Seed

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Good elements of Birdseed For Chickens –

The hens won’t get much nourishment from birdseed. Ultimately, the hens won’t be able to thrive without the essential nutrients that aren’t present. However, the healthy fats in birdseed make it an excellent source of energy, particularly in the colder months. Additionally, hens find it irresistible, and it’s healthy for them to experience joy when rewarded with a tasty gift. 

Although some lipids are necessary for good health, remember that the chicken shouldn’t be fed too much birdseed. People who consume large quantities of it on a regular basis increase their chances of becoming overweight and experiencing health problems. 

What Seeds Can Chickens Eat?  

Hens may munch on a wide variety of seeds. You can safely feed them a variety of seeds, including sunflowers, flaxseed, apricot, sesame, pumpkins, buckwheat, & hemp seeds. In terms of nutrients, some of such seeds fare better than others, but the fact that they are all risk-free is what really matters. 

What Seeds Can’t Chickens Eat? 

You must be aware that not every seed is good to feed the chickens, even if many are tasty & safe. Apple seeds also contain a poisonous chemical that humans can readily digest and that can be lethal to chickens if given in sufficient numbers, so you should keep them away from your pets. 

Keep your chickens away from any stone fruit you may have since the pits contain poisonous chemicals as well. Chickens can get sick from eating the pits & seeds that may fall from an apple, plum, peach, or apricots tree, therefore it’s important to keep the area around the tree clean. Chickens will eat just about anything, therefore they have no real concept that some foods are harmful to them. 

Can Chickens Eat Bird Seed

Recipe for Homemade Chicken Birdseed –

Instead of giving your chickens commercial birdseed, which is likely to be low in quality and full of additives & components with little nutritional benefit, try making your own birdseed treat instead. In this way, you may provide a varied diet for your chickens without investing much.

You’ll also need sesame seeds, shredded corn, flaxseeds, & pumpkin seeds. You can supplement this with any other kind of seed you believe the hens might enjoy. The number of each type of seed is up to you, but they should all account for about the same percentage of the seed you offer. 

Blend everything together and store it in a jar until you need it again. The longevity of this birdseed blend is directly related to the amount you choose to prepare. It is also generally less expensive than the equivalent goods sold in stores. 

Food options you should provide to the Chickens –

Whether you’re raising chickens for eggs, poultry, or as pets, you have to provide them with nutritious food. Providing for the nutritional requirements of your chicks will ensure their happiness and health. 

Feeding the chickens high-quality poultry feed that is designed for their age is essential. Two times a day, at the very least, they should have access to this meal. It is ideal if you are around frequently and can feed them multiple times a day, but even better if you can feed them smaller amounts more frequently. 

If you want happy, healthy hens, you need to do more than just feed them. You may help your feathered friends obtain the vitamins and minerals they need by scattering seeds, fresh produce, and whole grains throughout your yard for them to peck at.

Keep a close eye on your flock as you bring new foods to see how they react. You can tell what they enjoy and don’t like to eat based on their reactions. If you take this into account while planning their meals & treats, you can rest assured that they will be appreciative each time you provide them with something they enjoy eating.


Can Chickens Eat Other Animals’ Food? 

You may have considered this question if you keep other domesticated pets in the home or backyard. It would be more convenient as well as you wouldn’t have to buy different kinds of food for each pet you had. Try feeding your hens the food meant for your cat or dog and see whether they like it! 

Can you feed chickens wild bird food? 

Keep in mind that whereas certain species of wild birds may only lay one or two eggs each year, modern domestic hens produce a steady stream of eggs all year long. For this reason, you can’t feed your flock a diet of wild bird seed mixtures and expect them to thrive. Feel free to feed them some birdseed from the wild if you want to. If consumed in little amounts, such as an occasional treat, it can even be beneficial to health. 

What chicken seed is good for chickens? 

Hens may have a wide variety of seeds. You can safely feed them a variety of seeds, including sunflower, flax, apricot, mustard, pumpkin, buckwheat, & hemp seeds. In terms of nutrients, a few of these seeds fare better than others, but the fact that they are all risk-free is what really matters. 


The term “birdseed” refers to a specific blend of seeds designed specifically for the purpose of providing a nutritious meal to birds. It is a safe & tasty treat that chickens are sure to enjoy. Your chicks shouldn’t rely on it as their sole source of nutrition, though, due to the absence of vitamins. They need to eat chicken feed, fresh produce, seeds, and whole grains.

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