Can Chickens Eat Apples? (Answered)

Chickens love apples because of how tasty they are. They help keep your Chickens healthy because of the many Vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients apples have. To ensure your chickens’ optimal health, you should use apples in their diet. 

Apples have many benefits. They provide Vitamins A, C, and E, along with dietary fiber. In addition, apples are low in calories and contain no Cholesterol. As far as Vitamins go, apples contain a high percentage of Vitamin C. They also have significant amounts of nicotinic acid, a key antioxidant that is good for the healthy life of chickens.

Why Apples Are Good for Chickens?

Apples have a lot of good elements in them, and they taste great, too. However, different apples have different nutritional elements. Here are a few aspects of feeding apples to your hens –

  • Digestion 

Apples’ high insoluble and soluble fiber content helps your chickens feel full and digest their food more easily. There is evidence that dietary fiber can help control blood sugar levels. If you feed your chickens apples, you will not have to worry about their health at all. 

  • Health 

Apples include a high concentration of vitamin C, which is known to improve an animal’s immune system and also has anti-inflammatory effects. Vitamin C also protects itself from several environmental hazards. 

  • Cholesterol 

Apples provide nutrients that can help bring down your hens’ harmful cholesterol levels. The low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in your diet is harming your chickens. The effects on internal organs are negative, and excess weight gain is another negative consequence. 

  • Weight 

Overweight hens are unhealthy. Chickens that are too fat tend to have a variety of health problems. This is because their increased fat content makes it harder for their bodies to maintain a stable internal temperature & puts more strain on their already compromised livers. 

Liver rupture and death result in the worst cases for the chickens. However, if you feed your hens apples, they won’t get fat. Apple’s high fiber content will prevent the chickens from constantly foraging, which will help them maintain a healthy weight. 

  • Bowel movements

The food you provide your chickens must not interfere with their digestion. It’s only reasonable to assume that they can excrete waste at the same rate at which they consume and digest food. That’s why you can feed the chickens apples without worrying about them getting constipated. 

  • Bone health

Their diet is formulated to promote bone health and development. Antioxidants in apples protect against bone-wasting conditions like inflammation & free radicals. 

  • Glucose levels 

Blood sugar issues are not limited to humans; chickens can experience them as well. It’s also possible for them to develop diabetes, albeit it’s a rather rare occurrence. While a high blood sugar level is necessary to support your hens’ metabolic activity, this level still must be controlled. Apples help your chickens maintain a healthy balance of the hormones glucagon and insulin. 

Can chickens eat apples

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Tips on Buying the Best Apples for The Chickens 

Selecting quality apples requires little effort. You can check the quality of an apple by feeling its weight and solidity. Here are a few things to think about when picking out apples for your hens. 

  • Varieties 

The market offers a wide selection of options. The characteristics you should search for in each type can therefore vary widely. Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, etc. are only a few examples of the available kinds. Varieties of apples can range from hard to soft. 

Which apple you pick relies on why you’re buying them. If you’re going to buy apples, get the hard ones since chickens prefer the crunch. Softer types don’t hold their shape for very long. Find the advice of a local farmer or fruit picker to confirm the ideal qualities for each kind. 

  • Texture 

The apples’ texture is also another factor to think about when selecting the best ones. You don’t want it to be moldy or mushy. When you touch the apple, it shouldn’t give at all. If you want to prevent accidental crushing of the apple, use your palm instead of your fingers to feel for firmness. Furthermore, if the apple has any type of growth on it, it has gone rotten and should not be eaten. 

  • Color 

The color of an apple is not a reliable option for its quality because apples come in a wide variety of hues. Depending on the type of apple, they can be either red or green. Conversely, a quality apple would have a rich hue and no spots or blemishes. If an apple has turned brown, it has gone rotten. 

  • Appearance 

You can have those types of apples, which have the type of skin that is firm and not wrinkly. They haven’t aged by getting bruised or saggy. Additionally, there are no defects such as holes or other problems. All over scarred apples should not be eaten. 

  • Taste 

You should try an apple first before giving it to your hens. Is the apple crisp & juicy? If so, it’s probably fine to eat. Taste it: if it’s sour or gritty, it’s probably spoiled. By feeding your chickens rotten apples, you’d be endangering their health. 

  • Date of expiration 

There is typically an expiration date printed on the crate of apples sold at grocery stores. Before you go out and buy apples, make sure to check the date on the package. Remember to just purchase as much as your hens will eat before it expires. 

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Food limitations for Chickens that you should know –

You can’t just feed your chickens any old produce, fruit, or grain, because some of it is bad for them. Before feeding anything to your chickens, you need to figure out if it will be beneficial or harmful to their health. 

Some foods are high in nutrients but difficult for chickens to digest, while others include chemicals that have been linked to a variety of health problems. This article lists some items that should not be fed to chickens. 

  • Hard-boiled or raw egg 

There should be caution while feeding chickens raw eggs, even if they are a great source of protein. As soon as hens discover how delicious raw eggs are, they will start eating them right after laying them. Because of this, you won’t receive as many eggs as you’d like to collect, and your hens won’t nest over the eggs to hatch the chicks. If you plan to feed your chickens eggs, be sure they are cooked

  • Uncooked foods

Do not feed your hens anything that will be consumed by humans once it has not been prepared. Don’t feed your chickens raw beans, for instance. A raw bean would be too much for their weak stomachs to handle. In addition, hemagglutinin, which is found in uncooked beans, is harmful to human health. 


Can you Feed Chickens Apple Peels? 

It’s true that not all hens relish apple peels. However, your chickens can safely consume apple peels. Because of their high fiber & antioxidant content, they will help your chickens feel full for longer and will strengthen their immune systems. 

Can Chickens Eat Apple Seeds? 

Your poultry should not be fed with apple seeds. Cyanide, which they contain, interferes with metabolism. Ingestion of this substance prevents oxygen from reaching the body’s cells. Cyanide poisoning is the term for this condition. 

Can Apple Cores be Feed to Chickens? 

Apple cores remain nutritious, but the chickens may have trouble breaking through their tough exterior. If your chickens prefer apple cores, though, you’ll want to make sure to remove all of the seeds before serving them. 


Apples are a favorite treat for many birds. Serve them some chopped apples and watch their faces light up; that’s how you’ll know they’re enjoying it. However, not all hens share a fondness for the fruit. You can try different fruits or veggies instead if your birds don’t like them. To avoid any potential health issues from the seeds & cores, please cut the apples in half and remove them before feeding them to your chickens.

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