A Home for Happy Hens: 3 Best Chicken Nesting Boxes

Eggs laid in chicken nesting boxes are protected from predators and the chickens can keep track of their eggs easily. A high-quality chicken nesting box is an important addition to any poultry coop or playhouse. Nesting boxes offer hens a safe and quiet location to lay their eggs, lowering the likelihood of eggs being damaged or stolen by other chickens.

It’s difficult to pick the best option when presented with so many possibilities. That’s why we’ve compiled this in-depth buying guide for chicken nesting boxes, along with tips on what to look for, detailed product descriptions, as well as a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of each option. A quality nesting box is an essential component of any chicken coop if you’re a seasoned keeper or just starting out.

Why You Should Need It:

Nesting boxes for chickens offer a protected environment for hens to lay eggs, lowering the likelihood of egg breakage and egg theft. Additionally, they make it less of a chore to gather eggs every day. Nesting boxes of high quality provide a calm and relaxing space for hens to lay the eggs, which in turn increases egg production. 

Chicken keepers should provide nesting boxes for the birds for a number of reasons: 

Increases Ovulation:

Providing hens with a clean, dry, and secluded nesting area can increase egg production and decrease the number of eggs that are accidentally broken during the laying process. Chickens can feel safe and secure in the nesting boxes, which allows them to concentrate on laying eggs without interruption. 

Improves personal hygiene:

Cleanliness and sanitation in the coop or barn are greatly improved with the use of nesting boxes. By setting apart a specific location for egg laying, you can ensure that such eggs are free of harmful bacteria and are fit for human consumption. 

Provides privacy: 

Nesting boxes provide a safe and private environment for hens to lay their eggs. The danger of eggshell thickness or egg-laying issues is reduced when hens are given a safe and quiet place to lay their eggs without interruption. 

Improves the collection of Eggs: 

Having a place for nesting birds to lay their eggs improves the efficiency and convenience of egg collection. Since the eggs are always laid in the same spot, it takes much less time & effort to collect them, and there is a much lower chance that any of the eggs will be cracked in the process. 

Increases overall bird comfort:

Chickens’ well-being can be enhanced by the use of nesting boxes, which offer a safe and warm environment in which they can lay their eggs in peace. When hens have a favorable experience, they become less likely to experience stress and other health issues, which is good for both their egg production and their well-being.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider:

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking a chicken nesting box, such as: 


Make sure the chickens’ nesting box has enough space for them to stretch out and turn around. 


Select a material that can survive the rigors of daily use, such as plastic or wood. 

Fast and Simple to Clean:

Nesting boxes should be simple to clean & disinfect to prevent the spread of disease and pests. 


The nesting box must have adequate air to minimize musty odors and maintain a dry environment for the birds.

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3 Best Chicken Nesting Boxes

Little Giant Plastic Nesting Box:

If you own a bird, the Little Giant Plastic Nesting Box is a sturdy and adaptable solution. The nesting box is constructed from durable plastic and is designed to be simple to maintain and clean. The nesting box can be stacked, making it suitable for use in situations with multiple birds, and its layout provides enough ventilation to keep the birds at ease. 

The Little Giant Plastic Nesting Box is ideal for birds looking for a place to nest, lay eggs, and raise a family because of its simple design & robust construction. The plastic construction of the box makes it durable enough to withstand years of usage with multiple bird species (finches, canaries, parakeets), and it also resists rot, decay, & pests. 


  • Plastic withstands the elements and survives a long time 
  • Having a sloping ceiling allows for better airflow and accessibility. 
  • Easy to store and maintain 


  • Too pricey compared with other products. 
  • Not suitable for large amounts of chickens. 

Ware Manufacturing Wooden Nest Box:

If you’re looking for a high-quality nesting box for your bird, go no further than the Ware Manufacturing Wooden Nest Box. This bird nesting box is built to last from high-quality wood and provides a safe and sound environment for birds to nest and raise their young. Birds may safely interact with the wood, making it a great option for individuals who prefer to replicate nature at home. 

Both birds and their human caretakers benefit from the thoughtful construction of the Ware Manufacturing Wooden Nest Box. The box’s large interior provides plenty of space for birds to nest, lay eggs, & raise their young, and the open lid simplifies cleaning and maintenance. The hatchlings and eggs may be easily inspected through the lid. 


  • A sturdy timber frame 
  • A sloping roof allows for fresh air and convenient access. 
  • Simple to wipe down for its smooth exterior. 


  • The wood might be untreated and may decay over time. 
  • The space might be small. 

Harris Farms Poultry Nesting Box:

For those interested in raising chickens or other birds, the Harris Farms Poultry Nesting Box is a reliable and functional solution. This nesting box is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure a secure and pleasant space for chickens to nest and tend to their young. 

Eggs will roll to the front of the Harris Farms Poultry Nesting Box thanks to the tilted ceiling, making them easier to retrieve. In addition, the ramp leading into the coop is backed up high to create a safe and protected entryway for the chickens. 

The Harris Farms Poultry Nesting Box is not only functional and convenient but also simple to clean and maintain. The slant roof design & weather-resistant construction of the box make it simple to clean and sanitize, and the chickens can enjoy plenty of fresh air thanks to the design. 


  • Plastic can withstand the elements and survive a long time 
  • with a slanted ceiling, it has a flat roof 
  • Easy to store and maintain 


  • Users have complained that the plastic isn’t as durable as they had hoped. 
  • Larger varieties of chickens might outgrow it too quickly. 


Nesting boxes for chickens are a necessary component of any hen house or chicken run, as they provide the hens with a protected area to lay their eggs. Size, materials, ease of cleaning, & ventilation are just a few of the criteria you should keep in mind when shopping for a nesting box. You can’t go wrong with any of these high-quality nesting boxes: Little Giant Plastic Nesting Box, Ware Manufacturing Wooden Nest Box, or Harris Farms Poultry Nesting Box.

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